Established in April 2004, Xinjiang Longbo Industrial Stock Co., Ltd. has its predecessor as Xinjiang Longbo Industrial Co., Ltd. This company completed the shareholding system transformation on December 30, 2015, and officially changed its name into Xinjiang Longbo Industrial Stock Co., Ltd.. It was officially listed on the national stock transfer system on June 13, 2016, becoming the first foreign trade industry and the first local ethnic enterprise listed company. Its subsidiary Zhejiang Longbo Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in January 2019.

This company is mainly engaged in R&D, production and export of the secondary and tertiary independent mechanical and electrical products. So far, this company has achieved export sales in Central and Eastern European countries.

In recent years, this company has had an annual sales growth rate as high as 50%. In 2018, it had total sales of 200 million Yuan. In 2019, it is expected to complete 250 million Yuan, striving for total sales 1 billion Yuan in 2025.

This company has its own brand P.I.T. Through years of hard work, this company has achieved independent research and development, design, production of special products, invested in mold development, applied for appearance patent. This company has had its products enjoy high reputation and credit in the international market, with a market share of 30%.

Feeding back to the society is this company constant aim. For a long time, this company has been committed to poverty alleviation, expecting to make proper contributions to the public welfare undertakings. Up to now, it has had total donations and materials of over 3 million Yuan.

P.I.T. was Established in 2001, which implies progressive innovation technology. Through constant hard efforts, this company has independently developed, designed, modeled, and produced branded products (Quality control), and applied for patents for specialized products. Its products have highly popularity and reputation in current markets with up to 30% market share .

Brand Vision: “Supply satisfied (electric) tools, Improve homeland , Increase your professional level , Create a better life.”

Brand slogan: Competing in availability, excellence and innovation.


P. I.T. brand registered and established the first and second generation series products, focusing on blue and green as main color with drills and grinders and other items more than 10 types of electric tools. All products were sold based on OEM which supplied by factories. Sales turnover achieved 20 million in 2003.

P.I.T. established the third generation in 2005 in red color, Which include angle grinders, circular saw, gasoline saws, generators, lawn mover etc., more than 30 categories and 100 different items in electric, garden, agricultural, household products.

P.I.T. began to invest in the develop brand products from 2006. Up to now, it has invested more than 3 million in mold development, branded products rate constantly increase. Sales turnover achieved 80 million in 2010.

2010 - Present

P.I.T. established fourth-generation in 2010 with black series products, Mainly in AC and DC drills, angle grinders, circular saws, gasoline chain saws, generators, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, water pumps and welding machines etc... which more than 40 categories and 150 different items in electric, garden, agricultural, household products.

P.I.T began to focus on product technology quality improvement and R&D design, preparing for international brand development. So far, it has invested more than 10 million in mold development, obtained 26 product patents. Sales turnover achieved 200 million in 2018.


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